J.Crew’s new and improved Tumblr site is live! We’ve been hard at work building a custom theme for J.Crew and collaborating with them on the design to create a very clean user experience that is optimized for their Tumblr audience. 

The leading clothing brand approached us with a 2/3 completed design idea, giving us the leeway to add our Tumblr expertise in to the mix. We were able to bring their ideal creative experience to life by combining our Tumblr know-how with their design direction. 

We’re here to help fill in those design holes for companies and brands that may not have the extensive experience with Tumblr like we do. Bring us the vision and we’ll take it from there! 

Check it out!

J.Crew on Tumblr

We’ve worked with a lot of big brand names on Tumblr over the past two years, but this latest launch is a personal favorite of mine.