As a project manager you are always part of the action even though you might not be doing the action. I enjoyed that part of project management. Once I became a business owner, then I experienced the thrill of both. Everything – whether it be a wireframe, browser test, change request – went through me or could be executed by me. 

Now as we try to grow (again), I’m doing all I can to not be in that position – to not be a bottleneck. Sure I want to be involved in everything. It’s my business after all. But, nowadays I slow things down and it also results in a lack of trust. I want to build a work environment that empowers others, but provides support and expects excellence. Having me involved every step of the way might achieve one or two of these goals, but it certainly doesn’t empower the team and help them grow. That doesn’t mean that I step away completely. Instead, I need to be involved at the appropriate times (code reviews, mockup reviews) to provide feedback. I have to learn to let go, which is at the forefront of my mind with every decision I face on a day to day basis. I know it is not going to be easy, but I also know that it will pay benefits for everyone in the end.